History of the Rough Riders Saddle Club

Our club consists of about 204 members, most of whom have joined in families. Our governing body consists of a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, and a board of directors, all of whom are voted in each year. 
Pretty soon we'll have some more general information on this page as well, and eventually we'll get the charter document online - most likely as a link to a file (it's fairly lengthy). For now, though, please enjoy the following as our somewhat abbreviated history. 

The Birth of the Rough Riders Saddle Club, Inc. - 1959

One Sunday afternoon, after a couple of hours of riding, four people sat under a shade tree, drinking a six-pack, frying brats, and talking horse talk. 
These four, Sylvan and Nancy Stahl and Jane and Don Kalies, had an idea. Their idea was to start a riding club in the area. Sylvan and Nancy worked on the Len (Chick) Shimek farm located about 3 miles west of Wayside. Chick always had horses to ride and the Stahls did a lot of riding as well. Jane and Don lived about three miles south of Wayside and had two mares and a filly colt. They rode often, and the two couples rode together frequently. 
Near the Kalies new neighbors had moved in from Green Bay, originally form South Dakota. These folks also owned a horse, a saddle bred mare. These new residents were Chuck and Edna Isley and their three little boys. 
Jane and Don knew that in Wayside there were some people called Kiekhaefer and they too had horses. Their son Jim had a Palomino mare. 
By the end of that Sunday afternoon lawn party a list of "Horse People" had been completed - people who would be interested in starting a riding club. The very next evening stops were made at the Kiekhaefer's and Isley's. What did they think about the idea of starting a riding club? Both families thought it was a good idea and worth a try. Chick Shimek, however, was very pessimistic. "It would never go over," said Chick. "I won't join cuz I don't want my name connected with it if it is a flop." 
Another stop was at the Rudy Rose Bar. When Rudy was told of the idea he offered his side room for a meeting p lace. 
With interested people and a place to meet, Jane mailed out fifteen cards to people in the area who had horses. he date for the first meeting was set for June 15 at Rudy's Bar in Wayside. 
At the first meeting Hubert Kiekhaefer was appointed chairman. He explained to the group of 25 horse loving people the purpose of organizing a riding club. An organizing committee was chosen that evening consisting of Chuck Isley, Don Kalies, Hubert Kiekhaefer, Sylvan Stahl, and Gil Wendland. These five met on their own and nominated officers for this new club. 
The next meeting was held on July 20 and the first officers were elected. They also discussed possible names for the club. Nominations made were Rough Riders, Boots and Saddle, Star Riders. Rough Riders was the winner. 

The Club's first officers were: 
President - Chuck Isley 
Vice President - Hubert Kiekhaefer
Secretary - Jane Kalies
Treasurer - Nancy Stahl
Board of Directors:
Gloria Kiekhaefer
Sue McConnell
Sue Shimek

On September 21, 1959, the club discussed colors to represent them and voted on Turquiose and White. 
In 1961 the club had a contest to name the club newletter. La Verne Hennessey submitted the winning entry. It was named "The Rough Riders Roundup".

The club continues to grow and now has over 200 members with more joining almost every meeting. It consists of four generations of horse lovers. We have trail rides, campouts, hayrides, horse shows, and ride in a parade. We contribute to the local charities and organizations. We award the "Don Kalies Outstanding Youth Award" each year at our year-end party, the Jamboree. It is a very family oriented club with children of all ages welcome at every activity.